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Posted: October 14, 2019

How do you intend to pay for all the freebees?

Letter to the Editor

Throughout the federal campaign I have been waiting for our MP to take a stand on natural resources such as the coal industry and the forestry industry.

Mr. Wayne Stetski’s answer has always been to have people refer to the 112 page NDP document which spells out their vision for Canada. Mr. Stetski and the NDP want to rid Canada of its extraction of fossil fuels and live off of renewable energy.

There is one fundamental flaw with their entire vision, which was backed up this week by the parliamentary budget officer. With all the niceties, such as free everything, you still have to be able to pay for it. Their costed promises cannot be done without the extraction of oil, gas and coal along with other hard metals that are in abundance in Canada.

In the fairy tale world of the NDP we will magically find the free money and all will be good in the world.  Wayne Stetski – what I would like to hear from you, and not the 112 page vision statement of the NDP, is the following;  Do you support the fossil fuel industry which is needed to further the agenda of the NDP?  How do you intend to pay for all of the freebees you plan on providing Canadians without the multi-billion dollar oil, gas and coal industries fuelling our economy both at home and abroad?

In the recent downturn of the oil, forestry and coal industries the only thing we hear from the NDP is a desire to eliminate these industries.  Rather than trying to destroy what makes Canada great, why don’t you and the NDP try working with these companies rather than criticizing their every move.

David Wilks,


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