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Posted: October 27, 2018

How dumb do Liberal bosses think B.C. voters are?

Letter to the Editor

Would you vote for a party list without candidates? Of course you wouldn’t, and neither would anybody else.

Of course we will keep local representation under pro rep, and of course nobody will be ‘appointed’ a MLA unless we vote for them. How dumb do Liberal Party bosses think B.C. voters are, that we would believe such nonsense?

This referendum is an evolution, building on the solid foundation of the system we already have, and not at all the scary revolution the Liberal Party elites are making up for us.

In rural B.C., with all three proportional voting systems on the ballot, we will continue to elect local representatives exactly as we do now, and simply add a layer of representation to make all our votes count and for proportional election results. We may get up to eight more MLAs, but no region will lose representation, and rural ridings under pro rep will be larger than they are now, but they will have smaller footprints than our current federal ridings.

Voters will have more choice, it will eliminate the need for strategic voting, governments will mirror how we vote, and politicians will have to work together instead of just yelling at each other.

If we get buyers regret we can vote back the current system after a couple of elections. Don’t believe the Liberal interpretation of the ‘truth’ made up by Liberal party bosses, and endlessly repeated by their puppet MLAs.

Their rhetoric is driven by their concern about losing their privileges; not about what is best for voters and the province. Proportional representation will fix the most glaring flaws of our current system, empower voters and strengthen our democracy, and that’s nothing to be afraid of.

Sjeng Derkx,


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