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Posted: September 15, 2021

I urge you to vote smart

Letter to the Editor

In the last year, throughout the world, people have been experiencing unprecedented extreme heat, wildfires, floods, melting glaciers, tornados, hurricanes, the extinction of wildlife, skyrocketing inequalities, and a worldwide pandemic. As horrifying as these are and as much as we wish it were not so, these are all indicators that we are currently in the midst of an accelerating climate and environmental catastrophe.

These unprecedented, challenging and extremely stressful times require an exceptional and courageous leader representing us in Parliament.  A leader who has vision and who is capable, determined, and willing to tackle these issues with the emergency-level action required.

Wayne Stetski, a resident of Cranbrook for more than 30 years, has vision and lifelong work experience with the environment at all levels of government.  From personal experience working with him, I know that he has exceptional patience and communication, consensus building, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Stetski is the kind of leader that Kootenay-Columbia and Canada need at this time in parliament to help us address the frightful challenges we are facing. This past week, environmental advocacy groups, Climate Emergency Canada, and Lead Now thought so too.  Climate Emergency Canada chose Stetski as one of their 2021 Climate Champions and Lead Now chose him as one of nine from more than 2000 Federal candidates, as their Courage to Lead Champions.

As the former NDP Critic for National Parks, as Member of Parliament during 2015-2019, and with a 35-year career in conservation, Stetski has pledged to deliver climate action for his constituents as a top priority.

I urge you to vote smart! Our future depends upon it!

Carol Gordon,


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