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Posted: October 20, 2020

If BC Liberals aren’t Liberals who are they?

Letter to the Editor

In response to Jason Greig’s Oct. 18 (2020) letter ‘A couple questions for candidate Wayne Stetski.’

One Time Alliance for Democratic Reform is not involved at all in the election in Kootenay East. If they were, I’m sure they would be right upfront about it.

There are no “backroom deals” going on anywhere in B.C. in this election that I am aware of, but perhaps Mr. Greig would actually like to contact One Time Alliance to hear the facts first-hand, if he is actually interested in facts.

On another note, last Thursday evening in the Forum organized by the Elk Valley Chambers (thank you chambers!) Tom Shypitka said that the BC Liberals were very different from the federal Liberals, and I should know that. That made me smile, because we all know that, but it did raise a question for me.

If the BC Liberals aren’t Liberals who are they, and why are they hiding under the Liberal banner?

Wayne Stetski

BC NDP Candidate, Kootenay East

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