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Posted: September 21, 2020

Institute selected to support mediation in B.C.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of BC (ADRBC) has been selected as the organization that will help people find mediators and provide information on alternative dispute resolution.

Effective Oct. 1, ADRBC will be the designated roster organization under the Notice to Mediate regulation in the Insurance (Vehicle) Act, Homeowner Protection Act, Law and Equity Act, School Act and the Small Claims Rule 7.3.

The notice to mediate process allows parties in the B.C. Supreme Court to require others in the dispute to enter into mediation. As the designated roster organization, ADRBC will help parties find mediators, maintain rosters of trained and experienced mediators, and provide the public with mediation resources, explained a Ministry of Attorney General media release.

Mediation is an alternative to going to court. It can be used to resolve many types of disputes, including business, corporate or commercial claims, contracts, family law, real estate, employment and personal injury. It can resolve disputes quickly and privately, and avoids the cost and complexity of going to court. Alternative dispute resolution is particularly valuable today, as the courts deal with the impact of COVID-19 on their operations.

Choosing a mediator is key to a successful mediation. All parties to a dispute must agree on the mediator. Unlike an arbitrator, a mediator will not make a final decision but will help parties resolve their conflict.


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