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Posted: January 21, 2018

ISIS militants return to Canada

Letter to the Editor

It was with shock and sincere disappointment to watch the Liberal and NDP, including our Kootenay-Columbia riding Member of Parliament Wayne Stetski, vote to allow returning ISIS militant fighters and supporters to “reintegrate into Canadian society.”

The Criminal Code of Canada is quite clear on prosecuting Canadians who support terrorist activity “in or outside” Canada. ISIS (ISIL, Daesh) is officially designated as a terrorist organization, an organization that has perpetrated war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, these crimes can be prosecuted. (Criminal Code of Canada, PART II.1, Terrorism.)

The protection and security of Canada and Canadians should be the priority of Government, why are the Liberals and NDP unwilling to condemn ISIS?

ISIS is a terrorist organization responsible for torture, rape, murder; the individuals that left Canada to commit these crimes belong in jail – they fought against our troops who were protecting our values.

The previous Conservative Government stripped terrorists of their Canadian citizenship, the current Liberals repealed that law.

How is it the Liberals and NDP claim to champion human rights?

Rob Morrison,


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