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Posted: November 18, 2018

It’s all political

Letter to the Editor

I am writing this letter to address all those folks who haven’t yet voted in the Referendum on Electoral Reform because they say, ‘it’s too political.’

I have this to say to them, ‘Everything is political – Your health care accessibility, your health care premiums, your access to education, your wages, your taxes, etc.’ It’s all political.

Almost every aspect of life is determined in the Legislature and House of Commons. Either we become informed and politically active or we are ruled by the rich, the lobbyists and those with vested interests, which have nothing to do with us and our best interests or the best interests of the province.

I hope others will make a concerted effort to educate themselves for this crucial referendum. There is so much information out there, from the Attorney General’s office, Elections BC and Fair Vote Canada-BC.

I have been following the upcoming referendum on Proportional Representation for the past year and I believe that the best way to eliminate our current adversarial, bullying style of politicking and government and bring a collaborative, cohesive, inclusive, more fair and just democracy is to vote Yes for Proportional Representation.

I’ve voted YES for Proportional Representation and I hope all those who believe in democracy and who want to leave a better province for their children and grandchildren will also vote YES for PR.

Linda Wall,


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