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Posted: September 19, 2021

It’s not too late if the plan is ambitious

Letter to the Editor

Ambition and cooperation to stabilize our climate are dramatically different between the two parties competing in a bilateral race in Kootenay-Columbia Riding.

The CPC climate plan weakens and backtracks on our emissions targets failing to aim for targets necessary for a stable climate. It gives savings credits to polluters. And it refuses to acknowledge that climate action needs to be stepped up and that ‘human-caused climate change is real’ (March 22, 2021).

The NDP climate plan strengthens existing targets using accountability legislation; stops fossil fuel subsidies; and sets a path forward while supporting workers and communities to get there.

CPC speaks of “cleaner fossil fuels” and points to carbon capture as a cure-all when markets, unsubsidized industry, jobs and financial backers have already moved to lower cost and long term renewables.

The race to gain market share and trade advantage in a decarbonized global economy is on, and it will be won by those with the ambition and plan to deliver on net-zero by 2050.  If we look, it couldn’t be clearer. It’s our choice. And we, and in particular, our children, won’t have this choice later.

My vote and hope for a safe and livable future is clearly with the NDP and Wayne Stetski, climate champion endorsed by 350 Canada and LeadNow.

Sue Cairns,

East Kootenay

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