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Posted: August 28, 2021

Kootenay-Columbians need soul searching before voting

Letter to the Editor

With a federal election underway, constituents of Kootenay-Columbia should do some soul searching before casting their ballots. Our current Member of Parliament (Rob Morrison) has done little to represent the concerns of his constituents.  He is on the record as supporting homophobic “Conversion Therapy” sending a message of intolerance to 10% of our family members.

He has misled constituents about his employment history stating before the last election he had lived and work in our riding for 40 years…which is untrue. He has refused to return emails with messages of concern from constituents and closed the MP’s Federal Constituency Office in Nelson, which has left nearly half of the riding without accessible MP services and instead decided to rent his Cranbrook Constituency Office from his brother-in-law…making sure to keep the financial benefits afforded MPs within his family rather than supporting local small businesses with existing vacancies.

Morrison is on the record as supporting Erin O’Toole who is sounding just like Justin Trudeau these days.  “Say anything to get elected then do what you want.” Conservative Party members voted against climate change action but O’Toole doesn’t care what the majority of CPC members think.  Can he be trusted to carry out the wishes of the party?  I think not!

The CPC candidates most closely aligned with real Conservative values are Maxime Bernier and Derek Sloan.  For example: O’Toole has aligned himself with corporate media to deny Maxime an opportunity to participate in the upcoming leaders debate which has stifled and frustrated the voices of many true Conservatives.  O’Toole is being disingenuous not only to Conservative Party members but all Canadians.

Constituents should ask themselves if they want to continue to support an MP who says one thing and does another and is all about looking after his friends and family …while ignoring the rest of us.

Dave Lang,


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