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Posted: April 30, 2017

Leap Manifesto is an intro to communism

Letter to the Editor

Re: Letter Whose bias is this anyway?

I would ask Wendy Turner of Cranbrook just whose bias is it, really? She makes note of the fact that the Liberals did in fact illegally tear up the BCTF contract. For shame for sure, BUT what is absent in her letter is the fact that the BCTF got the contentious clauses installed by the former NDP government, a big thank you for their support.

Those clauses should NEVER have been installed in the BCTF contract as there is no place in this world for the employees to set the standards of their employment as was done in the late 1990s by the NDP of the day. She also takes exception to Tom Fletcher’s attacks (my words) on the BCTF activism. I have maintained for years that if the BCTF wants to be a political party, it should sign up and fill its boots.

Methinks it is way too far left to have any credibility in Canada. This election campaign is in the final throws and not a lot has been said about the “leap” that would be disastrous should Horgan win. I take the Leap Manifesto to be an introduction to communism, nothing more.

Jim Anderson,


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