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Posted: June 26, 2022

Lessons from the global supply chain

Letter to the Editor

Although globalization of our economies has created some problems, it illustrates the role of interdependence of economies including their supply chains. We are currently living through the consequences of that chain being broken.

We see a similar series of events with attempts at climate change mitigation. For that process to work requires interdependence – all working toward the same goal. That process too can have disruptions – breaks in the chain.

This is where the parallels diverge. Economies need to re-establish those broken links in order to function. With climate disruption, there has been a shift in focus to the economic disruption as a rationale to abandon the mitigation process and deal only with the global economy.

Both present serious problems. It seems we have failed to recognize that a balanced climate system is probably the most important link in our economic supply chain. We are breaking that link.

Ron Robinson,


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