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Posted: July 13, 2021

Lightning ignites 10 new fires in the EK

Multiple lightning strikes are responsible for a new cluster of wildfires burning in the South Country of the East Kootenay today (July 13).

BC Wildfire Service reports five new fires on the east side of Lake Koocanusa, including two near the Phillips-Rabbit Creek Forest Service Road, about three km north of Roosville.

Only about .4 km apart, one fire is .1 hectare in size, while the other is .01 ha.

There are also two new lightning-caused fires in the Dorr Recreation area (both are .01 ha). And there is another fire across the Elk River, close to its mouth, about two km east of Kragmont.

There are three more lightning-caused fires ignited overnight about 23 and 28 km southeast of Cranbrook.

Two fires are located beside each other in Jim Creek (.01 ha) and Teepee Jim (.1 ha).

A third is located at Rocky Ridge (.01 ha), about 10 km southwest of Wardner.

A new lightning-caused fire is burning at Saugum Lake, on the east side of Highway 93/95, about 7.5 km south of Wasa. The fire is estimated at .06 ha. It is also about seven km southwest of the Bill Nye Mountain fire, which is still out of control at .6 ha. That fire is the lone one in the region that is listed as out of control.

And there is a new lightning-caused fire on Mt Grainger, close to J2 Ranch, about three km east of Canal Flats. The fire is about .04 ha in size.

All other fires in the East Kootenay are either being held or are under control.

A fire reported yesterday in Britt Creek, on the east side of the Elk River, about 23 km north of Elkford is no longer being reported on the BC Wildfire Service Wildfire Dashboard.


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