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Posted: June 6, 2021

Living Lakes launches photo contest

Living Lakes Canada is excited to launch the Lake Biodiversity Photo Challenge!

This photo contest is open to the public to showcase the biodiversity of Canadian lakes and help raise awareness around the climate impacts that can threaten lake health.

It is also the kick-off event to a new National Lake Blitz that Living Lakes Canada is launching this summer.

Who can join? Everyone!

What do I need? A camera or smartphone and your favourite lake.

What do I do? Until July 31, 2021, snap a photo of your lake that demonstrates its biodiversity or that displays human threats to the lake environment.

Submit your photo and the name/location of your lake via the Lake Blitz website OR email your photo(s) to [email protected] OR tag it with #LakeBlitzPhoto on social media.

Lead image: Lake Enid near Wilmer. e-KNOW file photo


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