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Posted: July 16, 2022

Local writer releases fourth novel

Pro’s From Dover is proud to announce the publication of Lady’s Leg, the fourth novel from local writer Nowell Berg.

Under a snowcapped peak called Lady’s Leg, in a vast evergreen forest carpeting the East Kootenay Rocky Mountain Trench, two young tree planters tormented by inner demons get swept up in a nerve-racking, gut-wrenching hunt for a mythical treasure where they must team with an eco-warrior to save their lives, defeat the local oligarch and protect the archaeological discovery of the 21st Century.

The author weaves a complex story and intriguing characters into a roller coaster eco-adventure. The scramble to locate a crusty old artifact crosses alpine meadows and traverses steep ravines, freezing streams and cliffs of ancient rock.

A limited first edition of one-hundred (100) copies are numbered, hand stamped and signed by the author. Get your one-of-a-kind book at Saturday’s Wasa Lions breakfast, Centre 64 First Saturday Art market August 6, or contact [email protected].

Reader beware: mature themes, strong language and some violence.

Nowell Berg

As a communications professional, Nowell spent too much time in the corporate trenches when flex-time and remote work meant standing in line at the unemployment office. He makes his home in a cedar log cabin resting beside a kettle pond nestled in the forest green slopes along the western edge of the Rocky Mountains.

Also by the author:

Dog Squad (DSQ K-9) (2019) Squad leader dies in ambush. Team vows revenge.

Lost Souls (2017) A love story with a twist and dark ending.

Jet Girrl & Mr. Bizzaro (2014, 60 colour illustrations) Post-flood small town survival.




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