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Posted: December 18, 2020

Mainroad alerts precipitation inbound

Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting Ltd. is this evening forecasting possible hazardous weather conditions in the Elk Valley, with snow of varying levels elsewhere in the region tonight and tomorrow.

Mainroad’s meteorological service is predicting variable precipitation over the next 48 hours that includes rain, snow, gusty winds, and road surface temperatures hovering around freezing within the entire East Kootenay. The mixed precipitation is expected to affect the service area from Friday evening into Sunday evening.

Mixed precipitation from the system will start this evening with strong winds of up to 80km/h lasting throughout the weekend in the Elk Valley. Peak gusts of 90-100km/h are possible. Mostly dry conditions are expected for the remainder of Saturday before the evening where another  six to 10 cm of snowfall to the region into Sunday.

Elsewhere in the region, snow is forecasted to start this evening, continuing overnight and through most of Saturday. Accumulations will be in the two to four cm range for most areas, with up six to eight cm possible for Panorama, Mainroad stated in a stakeholder alert Dec. 18.

“Another system moves in overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning, bringing another six to 10 cm of snow to the region, with some areas seeing up to 12 cm of snowfall north of Kimberley, before tapering Sunday evening,” Mainroad said.

Mainroad said it will be applying anti-icing chemicals and performing snow removal operations where necessary, which will continue on all highways until the event passes and roadways are returned to the acceptable standard.

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