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Posted: July 29, 2022

Medal of Good Citizenship nomination time

British Columbians are encouraged to nominate their fellow citizens who have made outstanding contributions through exceptional service to their communities for this year’s Medal of Good Citizenship.

“We all know someone who has generously given of themselves to support and lift up others around them,” said Melanie Mark, Hli Haykwhl Ẃii Xsgaak, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, and chair of the selection committee. “I encourage British Columbians to take this opportunity to nominate an outstanding person in their community for the Medal of Good Citizenship. It is an excellent way to recognize tremendous contributions to community life that have made our province a better place.”

Nominations for this year’s Medal of Good Citizenship are being accepted until Sept. 6. Nominations received after that date will be considered for the 2023 cycle. British Columbians can nominate individuals, organizations or youth in their communities.

B.C.’s Medal of Good Citizenship was launched in 2015. It recognizes people for extraordinary generosity, service, acts of selflessness and contributions to their community. These contributions are outside of people’s paid employment or beyond the parameters of their job, and are made without expectation of remuneration or reward.

This year’s recipients will be announced in early December to coincide with International Volunteer Day.


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