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Posted: April 29, 2021

Meet your dog’s second home

Picture Valley Dog Boarding to fill recent decline in available kennel/boarding services in the region

A two-year labour of love will come to fruition May 1.

Picture Valley Dog Boarding will be opening its kennel doors to customers, a little more than a year after its initial intended opening.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, kennel owner Elaine Betteridge had to delay plans to open in 2020 as travel came to a halt.

Noting recent closures of some kennels in the region, Betteridge said, “I thought there was a large need and as soon as we broke ground, COVID hit.”

Front view of the kennel.

Not one to sit by and wait, she said she “forged ahead” and is now ready to open for business.

One who loves to stay home with her small pack of dogs, Betteridge said opening a boarding kennel “was a perfect fit for me. I love being here and I love dogs. I’ve always had dogs. My dad trained collies for the sheep in Scotland, so I’ve been around dogs all my life.”

Picture Valley Dog Boarding was designed and built to provide a superior class of dog boarding to ensure that dogs get the care, attention and enrichment they both need and deserve, she said.

The 16 wooded and pastured acres property at 4300 Fenwick Road is surrounded by Crown and conservation lands.

“The unique setting allows you to pick and choose any number of amenities to keep your dog entertained, exercised and happy. Whether it’s in the extended runs, fun filled play areas or in the 12-acre surrounding fenced area where dogs can explore, go for long walks and exercise any time of the year.”

The kennel caters for dogs of all abilities, from the highly energetic through to those who just love a gentle stroll through the woods, or simply chill out in the many play areas.

The 12-space boarding kennel is complete with large indoor and outdoor runs, with access to 20-foot exclusive exercise runs.

In addition to the 20-foot runs, there are six large, treed play areas, with access to agility courses, sand pits and paddling pools in the summer months.

The kennel is also positioned accordingly to afford more shade. The kennel will be cool and quiet in the summer and warm in winter thanks to in-floor heating.

Each kennel has natural light and ventilation and security cameras allow trained staff, on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to keep an eye on the dogs at all times.

Betteridge said the kennel will be professionally run with empathy and constant care.

“I love my dogs more than life itself,” Betteridge said, noting she is aware of deep, close connections between dogs and their people and difficulties in parting, for both dogs and owners.

“Traditional kennels all too often fall short of what today’s owners want for their dogs and indeed what the dogs need in order to keep them healthy, content and stimulated when settling into new surroundings,” she said.

“Our aim is to set new standards for dog boarding kennels by creating a dog centric environment to ensure that the health, wellbeing and welfare of our canine guests come first and foremost,” Betteridge said.

Directions to Picture Valley Dog Boarding

Take Wardner-Fort Steele Road and turn onto Fenwick Road at the Kootenay Trout Hatchery turn off (Bull River). Drive past the trout hatchery and along Fenwick Road for 1.5-kms and Picture Valley Dog Boarding is situated on your right.

Learn more or contact Picture Valley Dog Boarding.

Standing in the corner of one of the large play runs.
One of the 20-foot outdoor runs.

Ian Cobb/e-KNOW photos

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