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Posted: June 15, 2021

MLA Shypitka calls for faster mineral exploration approvals

Kootenay East MLA and BC Liberal Critic for Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation Tom Shypitka rose in the Legislature yesterday (virtually, June 14) and called on the government to shorten the time it takes to approve an application for mineral exploration.

“When it comes down to the length of time it takes for the approval of exploration permits that mining companies are required to get from the government, British Columbia is at a tremendous disadvantage,” Shypitka said.

“Because it takes at least six months or more to gain approval for exploration permits, this forces companies to make significant investments on a potential site, but then the company has to sit and wait for an extended period of time. This makes many corporate leaders avoid British Columbia as a potential jurisdiction, if there are jurisdictions offering the same product with a much faster approval process.”

Shypitka added he believes the mining sector can play a big part in restarting the provincial economy as we emerge from the pandemic, but only if the government makes an effort to encourage more investment by making the approval process more efficient.

See MLA Shypitka’s full address.


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