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Posted: August 18, 2022

Mount Docking is now a wildfire of note

BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) has added a fourth wildfire of note to the East Kootenay count today (August 18).

The Mount Docking wildfire, 27 kilometres east of the Village of Radium Hot Springs and seven km from Kootenay National Park, now at 1,317 hectares in size has joined the Connell Ridge, Cummings Creek and Weasel Creek as fires of note.

Discovered Saturday, July 30, the wildfire remains out-of-control today, with 42 firefighters, six helicopters and five pieces of heavy equipment battling the blaze.

“Fire behaviour has been moderate in the mornings (Rank 2-3) and increasing in the afternoon with the heat of the day (Rank 4-5). For more information on fire rank click here. Smoke is expected to increase in the afternoons and continue to be visible in the coming days,” BCWS stated.

“The weather forecast is for sunny, very hot and dry conditions through the week and weekend with a small risk of isolated thunderstorms. There is potential for increased fire behaviour as these hot and dry conditions persist.”

Heavy equipment has completed a guard on operable ground on the west flank, closest to the Kootenay Valley as well as the south flank, along the Corral FSR, near the Cross River.

“A planned ignition, which is an essential and effective tactic to help contain large wildfires, may be used in the coming days. This strategy helps limit the spread of the fire by removing available fuel ahead of the wildfire and bringing it to control lines in a low intensity manner where crews and aircraft can safely suppress the fires edge. Planning is underway for an ignition operation on the west flank of the fire to limit the spread of the fire west into the Kootenay Valley,” BCWS said.

Helicopters have been bucketing to support ground crews by providing water to cool areas of increased fire behaviour. This support will continue as required in the coming days.

Structure protection is set up on a hunting cabin and outbuildings near the edge of the fire. This fire is located in a remote area and is not impacting other structures at this time.

“This fire is burning in areas of steep, cliffy terrain, making direct attack challenging. Ground crews need a safe, defendable space to carry out suppression activities. This may mean that in order to ensure the safety of those working on the fireline, crews will be indirectly attacking the fire using ignition and other tactics,” BCWS explained.

The BC Wildfire Service has implemented an Area Restriction Order for the vicinity of the Mount Docking wildfire. This area restriction reflects the need to protect the public in areas where fire suppression activities are taking place. For the most current information please visit the bans and restrictions section of the BC Wildfire website for the Southeast Fire Centre, or visit: Mount Docking Wildfire Area Restriction.

East flank of Weasel Creek wildfire on August 13.

BCWS today reports one new wildfire in the East Kootenay at Stirton Road, 3.5 km southeast of Marysville.

The cause of the fire, now an estimated .6 ha, is unknown at this time.

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