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Posted: December 8, 2022

MP Morrison asks Seniors Minister to apologize

Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison Dec. 6 demanded an apology from the federal Minister of Seniors Kamal Khera (Brampton West MP) for questioning the independence of the Auditor General.

A report released Tuesday (Dec. 6) by Auditor General Karen Hogan looking into Canada’s pandemic response reveals, in part, at least $4.6 billion in overpayments of federal government COVID-19 pandemic support (CERB etc.) to ineligible individuals and companies – from the $211 billion doled out. Additionally, the auditor general estimated another $27.4 billion in payments should be “investigated further,” including $15.5 billion from the wage subsidy program.

MP Morrison told fellow Parliamentarians: “A constituent called me over the weekend. She is a senior on a fixed income who resides 230 kilometres away from her doctor. Because of inflation and the rising cost of living she cannot afford the fuel to attend her appointments.

“Meanwhile in Ottawa, the Auditor General revealed $32 billion in questionable spending, including $54 million to build a $250,000 app, billions in wage subsidy to wealthy corporations and issuing CERB cheques to prisoners and organized crime.

Minister of Seniors Kamal Khera

“This overspending is the very reason why inflation persists. Today, on behalf of struggling seniors of Kootenay-Columbia, I asked the Minister of Seniors to apologize for questioning the independence of the Auditor General.”

Minister Khera replied as per Hansard No. 142: “Mr. Speaker, we recognize the challenges seniors are facing. The government has been there for them, unlike the party opposite, which has opposed every single measure we put forward to support seniors, whether it was the doubling of the GST credit, which will help 11 million people, rental and dental support, increasing the old age security by 10% for those 75 and over, or the fact that we are increasing the guaranteed income supplement, which has helped over 900,000 seniors. We are going to continue to make sure we support seniors, now and into the future.”


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