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Posted: October 17, 2019

MP squandered the last four years

Letter to the Editor

Regardless of the party, every candidate who seeks to serve must answer for the work they have done (or have not done) and most importantly how they voted on behalf of their constituents.

As we head into election day we must look back and provide a performance report of sorts to better help us understand how our current MP has represented us these last four years.

While Mr. Wayne Stetski no doubt did some good, it is his voting record that is of concern and falls short of truly representing Kootenay-Columbians.

It could be said that he did not serve his NDP supporters either and instead chose to support Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Following is just a sampling of the many votes our MP made on behalf of us. You can decide for yourself if these things align with your values:

– Wayne Stetski voted against the motion that would have seen Canada contribute to the effort to combat ISIS. (Vote 18 & 19)
– Wayne Stetski voted against a motion that the House called on the Prime Minister to provide written confirmation that the government will not further raise any taxes on Canadians. (Vote 988)
– Wayne Stetski voted against a motion calling on the Prime Minister to eliminate the deficit.
– Wayne Stetski Voted against a motion that called on the House to condemn the decision to move Terri-Lynne McClintic from a secure facility to a healing lodge without fences and where the government had confirmed the presence of children. Terri-Lynne McClintic was convicted of first degree murder in the abduction and horrific murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford. (Vote 891)
– Voted against a motion to support community organizations (via the Canada Summer Jobs funding program) who engage in non-political, non-activist work, such as feeding the homeless and helping refugees. In this case Mr. Stetski supported a Liberal “values test” that even Trudeau himself has now backed away from. A number of organizations in our riding went without the funding they rely on because of this.
– Wayne Stetski voted against a motion to renew the mandate of the Office of Religious Freedom. (Vote 22)
– Voted against a motion that called on the House to reject the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which promotes the demonization and delegitimization of the State of Israel. (Vote 14)

The Member of Parliament has had four years to accomplish some good on behalf of Kootenay-Columbia and it appears that he has squandered it. He did spend an enormous amount of time trying to bring about a National Food Day, which would have been great, but that didn’t even happen. Instead of taking responsibility for his inability to complete that he has instead turned to partisanship by pointing his finger at the Senate.

Jason Greig,


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