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Posted: May 3, 2019

MP Stetski’s Local Food Bill sent to Senate committee

The Canadian Senate yesterday referred Bill C-281, An Act to establish a National Local Food Day, to its Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry.

MP Wayne Stetski

Bill C-281 was introduced by NDP MP Wayne Stetski (Kootenay–Columbia) to designate the Friday before Thanksgiving of each year as National Local Food Day.

MP Stetski is hopeful the committee will conduct its review in the next few weeks, bringing C- 281 one step closer to becoming law before Parliament dissolves later this spring.

“I urge Canadians to write to the Senate Committee and share their support for National Local Food Day, so we can celebrate it this October,” Stetski said.

“A National Local Food Day is something everyone can get behind. Food is at the heart of our homes, our communities and our economy. Ensuring that Canadians have access to healthy, affordable local food and a sustainable food system need to be national priorities,” he said.

According to Statistics Canada, agriculture contributed $111.9 billion and accounted for 6.7% of Canada’s GDP in 2016. The agriculture and agri-food system as a whole provide one in eight Canadian jobs, employing 2.3 million people.

Establishing a National Local Food Day would give all Canadians an opportunity to celebrate our local food and recognize the hard work of local producers and harvesters, hunters and fishers, food manufacturers, farmers’ markets, and others in every region across the country. It would also raise awareness of the challenges many Canadians face in accessing healthy, affordable food close to home, Stetski pointed out.

Letters on Bill C-281 can be sent to:

Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry The Senate of Canada
, Ottawa, Ontario, 
Canada, K1A 0A4

Fax: 1-613-947-2104 or Email: [email protected]


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