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Posted: November 18, 2018

National Child Day is Nov. 20

November 20 of every year is a significant day for children in many countries of the world.

It is National Child Day. This is a day that celebrates two historic events. The first being the signing of the United Nations (UN) Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the second being the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. The combination of these two documents officially created, the UN Rights of the Child.

All the countries that signed The UN Rights of the Child stated that they agreed to ensure that ALL children under the age of 18 are treated with respect and dignity including freedom from harm. The countries also agreed that all children have the right to; an education, freedom to express themselves and to participate and play, a safe and secure family, culture and identity, and a right to have their basic needs such as food, shelter and health care met.

In addition to global efforts, the Canadian provincial governments have in place a variety of programs and community services that help the children of Canada meet their needs.

Some of these programs locally represented and included on the Cranbrook Early Years Committee are Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR), Children First, Community Action Program for Children (CAPC), Friends of Children, Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL), Strong Start, and Bellies to Babies. Each program has a different mandate to help support children and/or their families.

As a community, we ALL have a responsibility to ensure that the Rights of the Child are met. We can become involved in the lives of the children around us through volunteering in child participated sporting, recreational, educational, and social events. We can also provide encouragement, safety, positive values, respect, and love to children. When we are doing our part to ensure that the rights of all children are met we are providing them with a happy, safe, and healthy start to life, which is after all most important!

Please call 250-426-5677 or 1-800-661-2445 if you have any questions.

E.K. Child Care Resource & Referral

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