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Posted: July 10, 2021

New Democrats will have your back

Letter to the Editor

We know that many of Canada’s provinces with Conservative governments had less than spectacular COVID-19 responses. Some Conservative MPs such as Derek Sloan and former conservative MPP Randy Hillier were holding anti-lockdown and anti-mask protests and were joined by their Conservative MLA counterparts in Alberta.

All are subscribers to ‘conspiracy theories.’ Our local MP has refused to answer any questions about why he misled constituents during his last campaign about his employment history. Kootenay-Columbia needs a Member of Parliament we can trust and who is not afraid of the truth.

Had the Conservatives been elected in the 2019 Federal Election, things would look much different. Until recently the majority of their members were in denial about climate change, which speaks to their environmental ethic if re-elected.

New Democrat MPs have represented the financial interests and the well-being of Canadians during the pandemic. Jagmeet Singh is advocating for social justice and an inclusive society. He is leading the charge against anti-hate rhetoric and right-wing extremists.

Canada has quite a large number of right-wing extremist organizations and evangelical groups with connections to the Conservative Party of Canada. Previous Conservative regimes have demonstrated that their policies are “all about the money” and they have done a good job representing the interests of the wealthy… who are also their contributors.

The Conservatives and Liberals have allowed $700 billion of taxable earnings to be hidden in offshore tax havens as documented in the Panama Papers Investigation.

Both parties supported legislation that makes tax evasion like this… legal.

The New Democrats will make sure that workers who are affected by climate change policies that are necessary to transition to a low carbon economy will be supported. New Democrats led by Jagmeet Singh and Wayne Stetski as your MP will “have your back.”

Dave Lang,


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