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Posted: January 9, 2021

New online directory helps patients connect with doctors

The Pathways Medical Care Directory is an online resource in which British Columbians across the province can easily find information about booking in-person and virtual care visits with their family doctor or nurse practitioner.

“It’s very important to continue seeing your family doctor for ongoing care, especially if you have long-term or chronic conditions,” said Dr Matthew Chow, president of Doctors of BC.

We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic some patients are not checking in with their family doctor, and not keeping on top of their medical care, which is a challenge, particularly when they have ongoing chronic conditions that should be monitored. Often this is because patients either aren’t sure whether their doctor is available or how they should best connect with them in the event they will be receiving care in person or by telephone/telehealth.

“Neglecting your treatment or missing medication doses will cause more problems down the road. It’s important you see your family doctor because they know you best and understand your medical history and needs,” Dr. Chow added.

For seniors living at home, those with disabilities, or people considering themselves to be at high-risk, it is especially important that they contact their doctor for advice if they have not recently connected.

To help address this need, the new one-stop online directory has been created for British Columbians to easily find up-to-date information on how their doctor is providing virtual and in-person care, how to go about making an appointment, and see other services their doctor may provide.

Approximately 70% of B.C. family doctors who provide longitudinal care to their patients are now listed in the directory, with more doctors continuing to be added.

Pathways is a non-profit organization supported by Doctors of BC and the British Columbia Ministry of Health through the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC).

Submitted by Doctors of BC

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