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Posted: October 19, 2019

No time for division and mudslinging

Letter to the Editor

One campaign manager to another: “We get ahead when we all get ahead.”

Robin Goldsbury believes we need a new, collaborative and inclusive approach to government. We don’t have time for division and mudslinging (see previous letters to the editor). It’s time to work together.  It’s time for leadership that brings people together.

Robin’s first step as your MP will be to establish an Advisory Task Force from across party lines and across the riding to inform her on how to work and deal with our issues. No other candidate has committed to this. Robin plans to hold forums on key issues throughout the riding – regularly. Robin will use current technology to stay in touch with you. She strongly believes your input is essential.  We need to work together to connect the geographic fragmentation that defines our riding.

Ultimately our goal is inclusive collaboration in federal government. Parliament can digress like a reality TV show. But, behind the scenes, we as Liberals have taken many strides toward greater inclusion. People from all parties are now involved in government committees. Liberal senators are now independent and free to vote as they wish – not along party lines. Liberals also have instated merit-based government appointments, not partisan cronnie-ism.

A big step that went almost unnoticed, is when Liberal Terry Beech (Burnaby North-Seymour) voted against the government and retained his seat. He was standing up for his local constituents.  And you can bet Robin Goldsbury will stand up for us.

It’s time to vote yes to Kootenay-Columbia. It’s time to vote for Robin Goldsbury.

Reggie Goldsbury,
Campaign Manager for Robin Goldsbury, Liberal Party of Canada

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