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Posted: April 30, 2017

None of the Above should be on ballot

Letter to the Editor

When I contemplate the choices we have in the upcoming provincial election, I must admit I get depressed. I think we need a new category on the voting ballot entitled ‘None of the Above.’

The Liberals can be characterized as sleazy, avaricious and sneaky taxers with a conceited attitude. They are also given to flip and smart Alec sophistry instead of candid, direct answers on issues. They obviously suffer from the corruption of power.

The NDP offers promises from high ideological origin, but little common sense. Their wild spending promises give new respect to the prejudicial epithet drunken sailor by replacing it with a new one; desperate politician. They insult by then saying that they will balance the budget by taxing only rich people. This is a common phony promise used widely in politics, and the math still does not work. Then we have the Leap Manifesto that we can’t get straight answers on and the intent to see a mixed member proportional vote system that is not about reforming a repellent system, but about enhancing their seat count fortunes as a perennial also ran party.

And the Green Party is, well, the Green Party

I would just like to see for once a member of the legislature stand up and rail against the massive taxation we all endure from the three levels of government to the point of taking over half of what we earn. I would vote for that person. Excessive and growing household debt is a severe problem warns the Bank of Canada and this is not because we are all spendthrifts, it is because there simply is not enough left after taxes. But perpetually, to them, every problem has a tax solution.

So Elections BC, offer up the new category of None of the Above on the ballot. I think the chances that this category would win are good.

Roy Roope,


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