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Posted: August 22, 2021

Observe and report for biodiversity

The Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) invites everyone to protect B.C.’s biodiversity by observing and reporting plants and animals across British Columbia.

Observing and reporting all species across our province is critical to the protection of B.C.’s biodiversity. Contributions will help the scientific community gather data to help safeguard B.C.’s natural spaces.

Everyone can help report invasive species by using the province’s “Report Invasives” app or observe any species by joining the “I Spy and Identify” project on the iNaturalist app.

Reporting on the Province of B.C.’s Report Invasives app helps stop the spread of invasive species. Early reporting of new invasive species is critical to their control and the protection of biodiversity. All reports using this app are provided directly to the province’s land managers enabling tracking and informing management plans.

By joining the ‘I Spy and Identify’ iNaturalist project, participants will be part of a Canada-wide community of people observing nature. All project observations and reports will be added to a database for tracking of both invasive and non-invasive species.

“By encouraging people to observe and report what they see, we will be better equipped to take early action on invasive species and support BC’s biodiversity,” said Gail Wallin, ISCBC Executive Director. “Everyone can take action in their communities and reporting is one great way to do that.”

“We are excited to be one of the first to partner with the Canadian Council on Invasive Species on this national project,” said Wallin. “This national partnership will help protect landscapes in British Columbia and across Canada.”

Every report made helps scientists to track and protect Canada’s native plants and animals from unwanted impacts, including invasive species. Learn more about reporting and download the apps at bcinvasives.ca/report.

Invasive Species Council of BC

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