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Posted: October 23, 2019

One person’s harrumph another’s satisfaction

e-KNOW Editorial

By Ian Cobb

A harrumph has swept over the land.

A harrumph always sweeps over the land following a federal election.

Yet, one person’s harrumph is another’s satisfaction, as goes the game of politics.

It’s just that the harrumph lasts longer than the satisfaction as the satisfied move on with things, hopeful of better days to come.

But those in a harrumph – they only see despair and ruin and the end of the world and such.

Things are never as bad, nor as good, as they seem in the sobering light of morn following every election.

Roughly two-thirds (66%) of eligible Canadian voters made the effort to exercise a right only the most fortunate in this world possess Oct. 21, a slightly lesser effort than the 68.5% voter turnout in 2015.

Fact is, folks weren’t in much of a hurry to vote for a couple of tired old parties that only care about Western Canada during election campaigns, or when it comes to slurping gobs of gravy from the hardworking western taxpayer.

The ‘other parties’ not called Liberal or Conservative (NDP, Green) did not pull enough votes away from the SNC-Lavalin etc.-tainted Liberals of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and we get to sit back and watch a minority government unfold the next four years.

Conservative and opposition leader Andrew Scheer was also mostly untouched by the upstart People’s Party of Canada, which siphoned a paltry number of votes across the land.

Quebec told the NDP what they thought of that business and the Parti Quebecois enjoyed a massive resurgence, to add to the dramas about to flit and unfold.

It was an ugly election; one marred by childish imbecility everywhere one looked on social media or television. Another reminder of the splash factor from living beside a currently tummy-troubled elephant, struggling to digest a 275 day-long string of bullsausages.

So, we’re in for four more years of right wing whining and four more years of a privileged fool spending our grandchildren’s opportunities, while the Bloc Quebecois, NDP and even the Green Party drag their votes on strings before Trudeau and Scheer and savour the spectacle of them dancing for treats.

Locally, folks in the West Kootenay showed us East Kootenay folks we’re not the only ones who vote Conservative by denying Wayne Stetski a second term. In 2015, then candidate David Wilks had Stetski down and out until the votes began to be counted on the other side of the Purcells and Stetski stormed to victory.

Not so this time. New Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison (Conservative) jumped out to a lead and held on to the finish line.

We congratulate Mr. Morrison on his victory and look forward to him doing an excellent job on behalf of all constituents in the riding.

Also, a tip of the hat to the candidates who took the time and showed the courage to run in this election.

And we thank Mr. Stetski for his dedicated and earnest service. He’s been an open and communicative MP who represented his constituents squarely and fairly.

Now it’s back to business in Ottawa.

May they find the courage and wisdom to do the right things for their constituents first and parties second.

And if they don’t, may we the voters (see also: their bosses) have the wherewithal and consistency to drive them from office on rails (this time).

Ian Cobb is owner/editor of e-KNOW

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