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Posted: October 5, 2019

Only Conservatives offer effective representation

Letter to the Editor

When we heard a major political party and their leader borrowing the style and rhetoric of populism to represent their platform, such as in the case of the Liberal Party saying it would “deliver a fair and open government,” they were exploiting the emotional power of a fundamental antagonism existing between “the people” and the “power elites.” They used this emotional division to manipulate our perceptions and to endorse themselves. This past government has been neither fair nor open.

Hiding corruption behind claims of job protection, influence peddling to our Attorney General on behalf of Quebec’s SNC-Lavalin followed by a refusal of open access to information has left Canadians underserved. Deliberate government intervention was used as a smokescreen to protect special interest groups, the Liberal Party and corporate elitists from the consequences that you or I would incur for the same behaviour.  This is blatant corruption.

It is therefore prudent that we change government in order to stall the momentum of a political party that openly disrespects Rule of Law and our ideals of Equity. As citizens we need to send a strong statement that theirs is not a tolerable way of governing. Every vote is needed. For some this will mean forsaking their preferred political party.

The Liberal Party has degraded Canada’s ability to influence foreign affairs. Justin Trudeau is seen by world leaders as a pretender and therefore is ineffectual.

No one party offers all of what one would support, compromise is therefore a necessary part of democratic politics.  That said, I believe our hope for a decent national government and effective world representation is now embodied in powerfully expressed opposition to corruption.  I believe our Conservative candidate, Rob Morrison, as a member of Canada’s next government, will have the opportunity to represent Kootenay-Columbia concerns. Vote Rob Morrison.

Peter Christensen,

Radium Hot Springs

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