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Posted: April 16, 2022

Personal property registry streamlined

People in B.C. can now register their personal property online with the launch of a new, modernized personal property registry.

The modernized registry will feature enhanced security and privacy, with a more secure method of identity verification that leverages the BC Services Card app for British Columbia residents, and for others, BCeID and two-factor authentication.

People, government, financial institutions and other lending organizations rely on the registry for searching and registering liens on any personal property, such as cars, boats and recreational vehicles.

Registering an interest in personal property is important to protect people and organizations from loss or legal conflict. It can also help ensure personal property does not have any liens registered against it before a private sale. The registry also identifies security interests to support financing opportunities, the Ministry of Citizens’ Services explained.

“These changes are part of a larger modernization that includes a new payment and identity verification system, a new online service for businesses wanting to register their business name, and a new application programming interface service for users. It will also include a new legal entity called “benefit companies,” which includes for-profit corporations or social organizations that promote public benefits for communities and the environment,” the ministry outlined April 15.

BC Registries and Online Services is undergoing an extensive modernization to provide a more seamless service experience, while improving the security and privacy of services.

Replacing legacy systems with modern digital services will reduce the effort and time needed for people to complete transactions and filings, manage accounts, pay for services and maintain registrations.

New services will be rolled out over the next few months, including a new online service for partnerships and proprietorship entities within the BC Business Registry.

This spring, a new business-search service will be available to make it easier to search the registry for business information and filings for co-operative associations and benefit companies.

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