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Posted: August 5, 2019

Premier’s statement on B.C. Day

Letter to the Editor

On B.C. Day, we gather with friends and family to celebrate this beautiful province we are so lucky to live in.

British Columbia is a remarkable place with unmatched natural beauty and resources, talented and hardworking people, and a thriving economy. Our communities are diverse, multicultural and resilient, and made better by the values of inclusion and mutual respect we share.

As we celebrate B.C., we commit to protecting everything that makes this province so special and to building a brighter future for everyone who lives here.

That’s why we’re rising to the challenge of climate change with Clean BC and building a strong, sustainable economy to create good jobs and opportunities for people in every part of B.C.

It’s why we’re investing $7 billion to deliver affordable homes for people and tackling speculation that has been driving up housing costs by introducing the speculation and vacancy tax.

And it’s why we’re delivering affordable child care for B.C. families; cutting fees, tolls and eliminating the MSP; improving health care, education and the services people rely on; and investing in the roads, schools and hospitals our communities need.

We also recognize our responsibility to advance reconciliation in partnership with Indigenous peoples. Meaningful reconciliation takes hard work, and we’re committed to moving forward with a real plan for a better future, for generations to come.

Our government is going to keep working to make life better for every person, in every community, and protect the place that we call home.

Happy B.C. Day!

Premier John Horgan

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