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Posted: September 20, 2022

Purcell Golf Club helps raise funds for mental health

By Erin Knutson

The Canadian Mental Health Association for the Kootenays Branch (CMHA Kootenays) is proud to announce that it raised over $3000 at a recent fundraiser sponsored by the Kimberley Purcell Golf Club to promote mental health programs, suicide prevention, and crisis services.

“The CMHA Kootenays wants to thank the Purcell Golf Club for inviting us to the fundraiser and helping us bring awareness to support the crisis of suicide,” said Director of Public Education and Crisis Services Natalie Hake.

According to Hake, initial funds raised by the golf tournament, which was open to the public (a round of nine holes for $20 a person), raised $1535 in donations. Berry Architecture + Associates matched funds in contributions for a total of $3070.

The opportunity to network with the community and spread the message to the public on stigma reduction, suicide awareness and prevention is essential to Hake’s role as a public educator and one she enjoys.

“We are grateful to the community for showing up to the tournament and caring about this issue and George C. Berry of Berry Architecture for their donations. All proceeds will go to crisis services – it’s incredibly powerful what we do in community services and the ability to connect crisis services with the community – because of this, more and more people are responsive. We see an impact in our work,” said Hake.

If you are interested in becoming a crisis line worker, please call Natalie Hake at 250-426-5222 ext 3063. We are here to listen if you are in crisis or need to talk. For 24-hour help, call:

  • 1-888-353-CARE (2273) for the Crisis Line
  • 310-6789 for the Mental Health Crisis Line
  • Or 1-800 Suicide (1-800-784-2433) if you want information, resources, or support during a suicide-related crisis for suicide-specific concerns.

Lead image: Natalie Hake and volunteers accept a cheque on behalf of the CMHA Kootenays Branch. Photo Submitted


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