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Posted: August 24, 2019

Questions for Kootenay-Columbia candidates

Letter to the Editor

As a child I watched both the UK Conservative and Labour parties squabble over who should own and operate the British coal and steel industries, in which neither of them prepared the miners and steelmakers for the inevitable transition that came to those industries.

Therefore, as we prepare to enter the writ period for the federal election, I have a question for Kootenay-Columbia MP Wayne Stetski, Conservative Party candidate Rob Morrison and the yet to be nominated Liberal Party candidate. Can you please explain how you plan to handle the contradiction between expanding fossil fuel production and export, and the growing number of human migrants fleeing directly and indirectly caused climate related change and catastrophe?

Given the policies of your respective federal and/or provincial parties to either expand, for example, extraction of tar sands oil in Alberta or creation of Liquified Natural Gas in British Columbia, how do you square that policy with the growing number of humans trying to enter Canada as a result of fleeing the direct and indirect impacts of climate change across the planet?

Over how many years and by what rate does your party propose to reduce fossil fuel production in Canada and for export, so we can plan and implement a fair and just transition for those who work in fossil fuel industries; and, so the numbers of people feeling a need to flee climate change impacts and devastation can lessen across the planet?

Andy Shadrack,

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