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Posted: December 1, 2022

Recent regional snowfall greater than anticipated

A larger dump of snow fell in the East Kootenay between Nov. 29 and Dec. 1 than initially anticipated, resulting in snow covered roads and highways throughout the region.

Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting this afternoon issued a stakeholder update noting its highway crews are working around the clock to clear regional roads.

“On November 29, we issued a weather advisory for the East Kootenay service area, showing forecasted varied accumulations of up to 15cm in some areas. Our forecast also indicated temperatures would start plunging during the snowfall, remaining very cold for the foreseeable future after the snow ends,” Mainroad stated.

“The actual snowfall we received was well over forecast with accumulations of up to 40 cm in some parts of the service area.  Throughout the winter event, crews in all yards have been out servicing area roads, giving priority to Class “A” and “B” routes (numbered highways), removing snow by plowing, and applying mainly sand to help restore traction.

“Currently, the heavy snowfall has recently stopped in most locations, and our efforts continue removing accumulated snow from roadways.  We are presently working to remove accumulated snow from Class “C” and “D” roads, as well as from shoulders on the higher-priority numbered highways and applying abrasive sand wherever traction issues are encountered,” Mainroad outlined.

“This work will continue around the clock, until highways are returned to a safe standard.  We will also begin our de-icing program once conditions are favorable for the safe use of de-icing chemicals.

“In the meantime, our crews appreciate your safe and courteous driving — please leave a safe distance for us to work and leave lots of following distance to the vehicle in front of you.  Motorists should use caution, drive to the conditions, and prepare for delays caused by the weather.”

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