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Posted: November 16, 2019

Recognizing Louis Riel’s place in history

Letter to the Editor

Each year on Nov. 16, we proclaim Louis Riel Day and recognize the historic and current contributions of the Métis people to British Columbia. Today, approximately 90,000 Métis live in B.C., representing a distinct Indigenous culture.

To honour this, the Métis flag is on display in the B.C. Parliament Buildings, and a special gathering was held on Friday, Nov. 15, in the Hall of Honour. Carole James, Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, was joined by Clara Morin Dal Col, president of Métis Nation BC, and other Métis community members to witness the flag display and presentation of the proclamation in a sunrise ceremony.

This day, we acknowledge the importance of Louis Riel (1844-85), who was a political leader and champion of Métis rights and culture. His convictions were so strong, he died defending those rights, executed by the Government of Canada for high treason.

The B.C. government recognizes Louis Riel’s place in history as a humanitarian who advocated for Métis people and strove for justice.

Scott Fraser,

B.C. Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

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