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Posted: May 21, 2022

Recognizing the brave people in police departments

Letter to the Editor

Re: National Police Week

Day in and day out, police work hard in communities throughout British Columbia to keep our communities, homes and roads safe by preventing crime and responding to a variety of calls for service.

Throughout the pandemic, the police have shown tremendous resilience, adapting quickly to complex and dynamic work environments. On the front lines, they have partnered with fire departments, B.C. ambulance services and 911 operators to keep us safe, courageously defusing perilous situations and putting the safety of British Columbians ahead of their own.

As first responders, police officers save lives from the ravages of the toxic drug crisis, protect neighbourhoods from violence, and support communities experiencing and recovering from catastrophic fires and flooding.

The police’s contributions and connections to community extend far beyond their work duties. Through their prevention efforts, outreach activities and volunteer work, devoted officers strengthen relationships with families, businesses and neighbourhoods.

The police have often been the first to flag issues our communities are facing, such as prolific offenders, and they show exemplary compassion and patience as they interact with people who may have acute mental-health needs.

I ask British Columbians to join me in recognizing the brave people serving in police departments throughout our province. Policing is a difficult job, and I’m grateful to our officers for putting their lives on the line for the safety and security of our communities. And we are grateful to their families, who serve by their side.

Our government believes every British Columbian has the right to feel safe, and I thank the police and police leadership for all they do to help us keep our communities secure.

Mike Farnworth,

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General

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