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Posted: September 8, 2021

Remember kids are back in school


It’s that time of year again! September means kids go back to school! Students, parents, educators, and the policing community all have a role to play to ensure everyone heading back to school has a safe school year ahead.

The return to the classroom means there are things we must once again be cognizant of.

Speed limits in school zones go back into effect on September 7. We must watch for children walking, cycling and coming off school buses. We must also remember to yield to school busses. Traffic is always heavier once school resumes.

Children are easily distracted, and for drivers, this can create dangerous situations on the roads. Be vigilant and alert behind the wheel, especially in school zones. You never know when a small child might step out from between parked cars or off a sidewalk.

As parents, take time to remind your children about crossing the street safely, wearing a helmet while cycling, and staying safe on buses.

With the pandemic, students have had to adjust to virtual learning. The lines between learning and using computers and mobile devices during free time have come blurred as a result. It is important to set parameters around internet usage that will ensure that children can stay cyber safe, such as setting a limit to how much time a child spends on the internet or ensuring parents know who their children are engaging with on social media.

While in school, know what resources are available if bullying should occur. Parents should always try to keep lines of communication open with their children so they are comfortable coming forward if they are experiencing bullying in school. Kids should also be encouraged to approach teachers or other adults they trust if they are being bullied and not comfortable speaking with their parents.

We can all work together to find a solution to end the bullying and keep our kids feeling safe while at school.

“As members of the community we can work together to keep our kids safe when they return to school this September,” said Staff Sergeant Janelle Shoihet of the BC RCMP. “We can take precautions to create a safe environment by arming ourselves and them with the information and tools necessary to get help when they need it.”

For back to school safety tips visit the BC RCMP.

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