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Posted: September 28, 2020

SD5 Board Notes

The following is a summary of motions carried by the School District No. 5 (SD5) school board of trustees during the September 15 meeting.

Motions Carried


That the Board approves/accepts the 2019/2020 BDO Canada Audited Financial Statements.

That the Board approves the revised locations for the 2020/2021 meeting of the Board.

That the Board suspends the procedure bylaw and revise the committee agendas as discussed at the August 31, 2020 Committee Working Session.

That the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 draft calendars be distributed to stakeholders for the required 30-day public consultation process.

That the Secretary-Treasurer writes a letter to the City of Cranbrook requesting information on the status of the proposed Inness Avenue development and the status of the city’s response to the comments made by SD5 at the public consultation of February 19, regarding the development.

See the meeting agenda.

Lead image: SD5 board left to right top row:  Kathryn Kitt, Patricia Whalen, Bev Bellina, Wendy Turner, Trina Ayling, Krista Damstrom. Bottom Row:  Chris Johns, Frank Lento, Doug McPhee. SD5 photo


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