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Posted: October 18, 2021

SD5 Board Notes

The following is a summary of motions carried by the School District No. 5 (SD5) school board of trustees during the October 12 meeting held via Zoom.

Motions Carried


That the Board accepts the revisions to Policy 2 Appendix A, the Board Annual Work Plan, dated September 23.


That the Board obtains a report on the issue of student assessment in relation to school psychology.


That an ad hoc committee consisting of Trustee Chris Johns, Operations Manager, Joe Tank and a member of the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History be approved.

The general terms of reference being to make recommendations to our respective school communities regarding the return of school artifacts following documentation by the Institute. Consideration being given to display potential within schools and/or community; to storage availability within schools and/or communities and the return of artifacts to an appropriate community group or recipient.

That our website includes a monthly update of those employees and students that have been recognized regionally, provincially or nationally. (Pathways report to continue to recognize locally). The website page will also be used to pay our respects to the Class Acts. Submission of Class Acts would be the responsibility of individual trustees and employers, giving details to the website maintainer.

That the Board writes a letter to the organizing committee for the Indigenous Education District Day thanking them for their hard work on the October 1 professional development day.


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