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Posted: July 8, 2020

Seniors need medical tests at home

Letters to the Editor

B.C. doctors should be able to order samples such as blood and urine for medical tests to be taken from seniors at their homes—thus eliminating the need for frail and barely mobile seniors and their elderly spouses/caregivers to struggle to get to a testing lab numerous times a year, especially in the winter.

This situation is particularly acute in rural B.C., where many seniors must go without help from their kids and grandkids, who have left the area in order to get good jobs.

Since testing is free at a lab, so should it be free at a senior’s home.

Currently here in Cranbrook, it costs $60 for a private company’s lab tech to come to a home and take these samples. That’s too expensive for most seniors. But those tests are essential, which is why the doctors order them.

Jean Samis,


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