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Posted: August 24, 2019

Shedfest featuring five ripping acts Sept. 21

Kimberley remains a place where music lovers continue to be offered aural feasts and treats on a fairly regular basis.

For example, if you are in search of a nice ripping evening with a tasty variety of artists, set Saturday September 21 aside and head to the Kimberley Elks Lodge for Shedfest 2019.

Music-lovers from Kimberley and Cranbrook are getting together to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of British Columbia’s most incredible drummers – Marysville’s one and only Colin “Metal Shed” Righton!

Shedfest will feature kickass performances from local acts Elk Hunt, Phaeton, Zero People (a new project featuring Kimberley’s legendary Honeyman brothers) and Crooked Line, along with Calgary’s False Flag.

Kimberley’s Elk Hunt self describes their sound as “a cross between Scandinavian thrash polka and Mongolian elk bugling. Noah Wesche (five tine elk bugle/accordian/random yelling), Brian Morris (bass/vocals), Colin Righton (drums), Kevin Honeyman (Guitar, Vocals, Skin Flute).

Cranbrook/Kimberley prog rock mixture Phaeton, featuring Colin, Kevin Thiessen, Daniel Airth and Ferdy Belland, who has recently been touring the nation as part of Bif Naked’s band.

Combining technically ferocious compositions of modern metal with the ambitious song-arrangement mindset of classic prog-rock, Phaeton stands alone in the wilderness of British Columbia with their unique approach to instrumental prog-metal.

Colin Righton won’t be sitting around bored at his party. He will also be performing with False Flag, along with Adam Benito, Russ Gauthier, Mike Harach and Dan Ishak.

False Flag brings multi-dimensional groovy, technical-death metal

Kimberley’s Crooked Line features Curtis Kaldestad, Cody Roberts, Kyle Downie, Dave Brown and Joel Weech.

Formed in 2014, the band’s first concert was closing act at Kimberley’s JulyFest, with people head banging, moshing and screaming for more from the first song to the last. Crooked Line says it lives to “crank it to 11 and don’t stop until shit’s falling off the walls!”

Admission is $10 advance (tickets available at Huckleberry Books in downtown Cranbrook) and $15 at the door!

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Kimberley Elks Hall is located at 240 Howard Street. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.


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