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Posted: July 17, 2016

A sick and twisted time

Kootenay CrustKootenay Crust

By Ian Cobb

I’m feeling a bit like Chicken Little.

“The sky is falling; the sky is falling!”

It’s a trap columnists or editorialists fall into when a day or a week goes particularly askew around the world and schemers and dreamers join the pieces into fantastic end days scenarios.

I know I’ve penned doom and gloom pieces numerous times over the past couple of decades and as I have aged and grown wiser (see also: go for longer periods between concussions), I catch myself in the throes and delete the whiney snivels of nonsense before I embarrass myself by publishing it.

But I can’t help myself today.

There is a definite and growing decline in sanity – around the globe – and terrible human madness served up with gigantic oozing sores of mental illness unchecked makes for a sick and twisted time.

No clearer picture of this can be found than south of the 49th.

Our great cousin, America, is falling apart at the seams.

As I write this three more police officers have been gunned down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 10 days after five were murdered in Dallas, Texas.

It is quite clear, American police officers are at war. And quite frankly, they’ve brought it upon themselves, as has the system that empowers them. No one should be shocked by any of this. Gun culture America and its crazed devotion to the massively and purposely misunderstood tenets of the Second Amendment combined with incrementally growing disenchantment and depression equals a big snit bursting loose.

The cops in America are nervous in the service and have been blazing away at the people they are supposed to protect for quite some time now. The proliferation of cellphone video footage has brought horrific scenes to our social media feeds and TV screens.

That said, who can blame some cops for drawing their guns and blazing away, when you consider what they deal with on a given shift? Cops see the worst of human behavior.

What is happening in America right now – seemingly a street war against an authority that needs rebuke – could explode in a way that could forever alter America and the freedoms its self satisfied, deluded underbelly take for granted.

It isn’t just America. Hatred is rife all around the world.

France is under siege as humanity clashes over principles bearing no actual proof; angry young men once again duped and riled up by power-seekers and holders let loose the dogs of war – or at least chickenshit terrorism acts involving the completely innocent.

Turkey has lost its mind and when Turkey loses its mind, it seems the entire globe has to become involved. Prophecies quiver from the breezes of time. Greece is nodding its head in agreement.

In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, who probably has a short time to live, has told citizens of the 7,000 plus islands of the nation to kill drug dealers and addicts.

Aside from a fairly rapid rush to seek help by more than 40,000 addicts, this severe measure has thus far resulted in 200 people being killed with the likelihood of many, many more.

What could go wrong with a president telling his citizens to start willy-nilly killing people?

Named ‘The Punisher,’ Duterte came to power on promises of law-and-order and a crackdown on drugs. Some crackdown. “Kill them all!”

He reminds me of the guy who could become the next president of the USA.

Back to our degraded and suffering southern cousin; they may soon be led by the quintessentially ugliest American of them all. Donald Trump could easily become the next president of the USA. That, more than anything else happening in the world, should leave people chilled to the bone.

Trump’s towering ego will topple America. Expect massive civil unrest, such as what we are seeing right now, and I would think new nations could arise as a result. America’s Pacific Northwest, usually the sanest and smartest part of the country, could form an interesting society free from the lobby-group abused trappings of Washington D.C. (see also: a nation similar to Canada).

If Hilary (Nixon was a boinker compared to me) Clinton is elected, America will merely slide back into the same-old same-old and that is the course that it is on right now. So that ain’t very good either.

The boiling race hate that is once again tearing at America’s heart; it is curable. It’s called ‘stop being such a hateful wanker.’

But how do we stop the hate that is eating mankind alive? It seems a daunting task.

I speak about America for numerous reasons. One, it is our closest friend and ally and it is painful to see a loved one suffering. Two, when America farts we choke; pay attention and adjust accordingly or die. Three, as the most powerful military nation in the world, we can only hope they keep their shit together and don’t go all Roman Empire on us. Because that will precipitate Armageddon.

So now we watch on as our world continues to descend into madness derived from pure ignorance and hatred. We like to think we are safe in our clean Canadian homes but bear in mind point two above. If American civilization explodes into full-on chaos and the troops have to be called out, what is to stop large gangs of gun-toting Yankees from storming over the border and bringing their tiny minded dip-shit behaviour here? I hope Sam Steele shows up in time!

We are THAT close to the annihilation of our way of life – but Pokeman Go on. Keep your head down and thumbs-a-flying and text and drive until you puke.

Apathy, a lack of empathy for others; a profession to love Jesus or Muhammad yet so quick to hate and kill (seems like religion ain’t working for those folks) and a litany of other things that lead humans to become complete assholes, are winning the day.

And it is as a sad one. We should be better than this, human kind, but we’re not. We are failing and it is showing big time.

Every major religion has a big flood story. It comes when man needs a good farging drowning.

Mother Earth knows the perfect moment when to shake the fleas off her back. Methinks the sky may start falling sooner than later. Might be time to Ark up.

Ian Cobb is owner/editor of e-KNOW and he apologizes for all the doom and gloom. Next up: The adventures of Ozzy and Tube Sausage.

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