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Posted: February 22, 2020

Snow event on its way in warns Mainroad

Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting Ltd. is alerting residents of a weather event anticipated to impact the region over the next 48 hours.

Mainroad’s meteorological service is forecasting snowfall starting Sunday at various times across the region.  The weather event is forecast to end Sunday night or Monday, with accumulation levels varying as well.

“Throughout the day Sunday, we are expecting between four to 10 cm in western areas of the service area (Yahk- Cranbrook- Kimberley- Invermere). The Elk Valley forecasts have varying confidence, with forecasted accumulation ranging between three to 15 cm.  Motorists should be prepared for unsettled weather in all areas,” Mainroad stated in a stakeholder update.

“Road surface temperatures are then forecasted to rise above freezing for several days starting Monday, but only during daylight hours.  This may cause a risk of slush forming on roadways, as well as causing snow to melt across the road surface, which can then re-freeze at night.  Our forecast shows freezing road surface temperatures during nighttime hours for the week,” Mainroad said.

“Drivers will notice our equipment applying anti-ice chemicals to major roadways today and Saturday, and the chalky white lines on the road surface as a result.  This pre-treatment will assist with snow removal during the weather event by preventing ice from bonding to the surface.  It will also help us to achieve clear road conditions much faster, once the event ends.

“As well as applying a proactive anti-icing treatment ahead of the snowfall, Mainroad crews will continue to address road hazards as they arise during and after the event.  Drivers should continue to watch for ice hazards in the days following the event, and please drive patiently around maintenance equipment to allow them to work effectively.”


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