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Posted: July 24, 2022

Some clarification needed from our MP

Letter to the Editor

As a constituent in the riding of Kootenay-Columbia, I did appreciate getting the Summer Update newsletter from my elected member of parliament (Rob Morrison, Conservative Party of Canada). It’s always good to hear from my representative.

In that newsletter, however, there were some items that deserved clarification.

I have one comment and two questions based on the content from page one of the newsletter which should easily be answered.

Comment – “Out-of-touch policies” …  Recently looking at a graph that compared inflation in Canada and the USA, it showed that since about 2008 Canada’s inflation paralleled that of the USA.  This time frame includes 2006 to 2015 when your party formed government.  Your comment does not offer context during that nine-year period in terms of policies.

Question 1 – Yes, increased fuel costs also affect farmers. Why did you not mention that farm fuel is exempt from the carbon tax? I realize that fuels used for other processes are not exempt.

Question 2 – Regarding transportation and impact on the trucking industry.  As you know, the independent Net-Zero Advisory Board did recommend an excise tax on inefficient vehicles.  A similar tax was implemented during the Harper years.  The current government has not indicated it would implement the NZAB recommendations.

Information like this can provide constituents with a better understanding of the complexity of this situation. Was there a specific reason this background was omitted?

I hope the above has been stated in such a way that your answer can be straight forward.

Ron Robinson,



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