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Posted: July 2, 2017

Spring in the East Kootenay

The following look at the East Kootenay covers springtime, from March 20 to June 20 – from snow and cold and hot and sunny.

Life re-emerges as the snow melts and days grow longer.

Images in this collection were taken in and around: ?aqam/Ktunaxa Nation; Columbia River Wetlands; Canal Flats; Cranbrook; Elk Valley; Kootenay National Park; and Radium Hot Springs.

And just because – we added a photograph of some elephants we stumbled upon in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Not something you see every day in Northern Idaho – or here, though Cranbrook lingers in pachyderm lore.

There are also a whack of images of a mother grizzly and two cubs taken in Kootenay National Park, near Olive Lake (above image). Yes, these were taken near the highway. However, we were parked well off the road and out of their way. It was a pretty special wildlife viewing moment in a national park. Shame about the bear jams. Really wish people would use their heads in those situations. And for crying out loud, don’t get out of your car to get a closer photo. That is flat out stupid! You deserve to become bear poop if you act like such a fool.

Back on topic, another slug of images were taken at the Paint Pots in Kootenay National Park, a lovely spot with an easy hike and a footbridge over the Vermilion River. Recommend it for a leg stretch when you’re driving through the park.

Photos by Ian Cobb and Carrie Schafer/e-KNOW

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