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Posted: March 23, 2020

Sterner measures are coming; don’t force it

e-KNOW Editorial

By Ian Cobb

There is not one single person among the entire population of the East Kootenay, or the world, who isn’t now impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic – entering day 13.

Someone I’ve known for decades has contracted it; and it is appearing in communities big and small, including elsewhere in this region.

If you haven’t taken this seriously up to now, it’s time you stopped listening to yourself and started listening to the experts. You know, those in medical health fields. They know the score. Loud Uncle Fred working on beer 10 and frothing about politics doesn’t know squat.

That said, it is never time to panic or act like chowderheads, no matter how much of an example US President in Good Grief Donald Trump is setting.

Now is the time to be smart; to follow those who are smart. They see what is coming and they know they’re the ones who will be left sorting it all out once hospitals become stuffed full of patients.

From Twitter

If you are one of those devil-may-care covidiots who shrug and say ‘it’s just the flu, big whoop,’ it’s time you seriously shut the hell up. This isn’t some social media troll campaign for you to try and make yourself feel weirdly better than others who are your betters when they are unconscious.

You may be oblivious or thick-headed enough to think this is no big deal but our eldest citizens, those with respiratory concerns and every soul working their hearts out on all our behalves in the medical and emergency services fields, deserve that we all practise intelligent restraint, hygiene and stay the hell home unless you absolutely have to go out. Get supplies, get home. Stay more than six feet apart and stay home if you don’t feel well.

We’re getting to the point where the majority of businesses and services are closed or closing in order to ‘flatten the curve.’

Social distancing is a thing we’ll all remember moving forward when this is said and done, but there remain a few reckless, selfish types who insist on continuing with life as if nothing has happened. It is those same few slack-heads who will force Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s and the Canadian government’s hands to unleash the Emergency Measures Act, which means, basically, ‘stuff your individual rights meatsticks; time to do what we say or else.’

Ya dig?

Trudeau’s press conference this morning absolutely smacked of the set up to the good old “we warned you” when it comes to us staying home and following recommendations voluntarily or being made to do so at gun point.

So stay home and come to terms with this reality because if you don’t, the next reality will be far more dystopian and draconian than any of us wish to imagine.

Canada is a land full of laws crafted to deal with rotten apples or dimwits who don’t listen to reason and end up costing taxpayers. Let’s not go down that sorry road again.

In closing, e-KNOW will remain operational all through this pandemic crisis, presenting news as it happens and other community need-to-know information, as well some diversionary opinions and features.

We’d be happy to hear from you. How are you or your family coping? What unique ways are you finding to enjoy your isolation? Because let’s try to find some positives from this, as grim as things may seem.

Send letters and information, or photos that tell a story to: [email protected] .

Stay well and apart and patient. We live in one of the greatest blended human societies in human history (Canada) and we will get through this in smashing fashion. Just do your part to help make it so.

– Ian Cobb is editor/owner of e-KNOW

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