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Posted: February 3, 2021

Taxpayers shouldn’t pay for PM’s former Governor General

Letter to the Editor

The news that Canadian taxpayers will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to support the Prime Minister’s former hand-picked Governor General after she was forced to resign in scandal has gone over poorly in Kootenay-Columbia.

Rather than follow the non-partisan process that the previous Conservative government put in place to nominate Canada’s Governor General, the Prime Minister decided to simply appoint someone he thought would make him look good.

Now, instead of focusing on the issues that actually matter to Canadians, like getting vaccines, creating jobs, and getting Canada back to work, the Prime Minister is once again being distracted by his own scandals. And we still don’t know what he had to promise Julie Payette to get her to resign.

The people of Kootenay-Columbia shouldn’t be footing the bill for yet another one of Trudeau’s mistakes. Canada needs him to stop playing politics with big decisions and start putting Canadians’ interests first.

Rob Morrison, Member of Parliament,


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