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Posted: August 9, 2019

Teck helps Outdoor School purchase bus

Columbia Outdoor School and Blue Lake Camp is pleased to announce that they have received financial support from Teck to purchase a 22-passenger bus.

The new bus will help expand programs of Columbia Outdoor School as well as enhance the emergency evacuation plan for Blue Lake.

“With the increased risk of wildfire in the province over the past two seasons, the support of Teck will ensure that we have the capacity to evacuate all campers if the need should arise,” said Todd Hebert, Executive Director.

Thanks to Teck, Blue Lake Camp is able to keep its community even more safe than before.

“We’re pleased to support the unique learning opportunities for kids from the region and beyond at the Columbia Outdoor School and help ensure their safety in the outdoor classroom,” said Nic Milligan, Teck’s Manager, Social Responsibility.

Teck is Canada’s largest diversified resource company and Columbia Outdoor School is incredibly grateful to them and other community partners for their continued support. With this support, Columbia Outdoor School has been able to continuously enhance their programming, so that they can provide the best opportunities for youth in the Columbia Basin and beyond.

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