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Posted: July 14, 2021

The daily war on wildfire continues in region

Hot weather and lightning continue to add to the wildfire count in the East Kootenay, with three new fires being reported today by the BC Wildfire Service.

There is a lightning-caused fire off Dorr West Road, five to seven kms from Tobacco Plains and Grasmere. The fire is an estimated .71 hectares.

Another small fire (.01 ha) is located near Ranger Lake, about 21 km southeast of Moyie. The cause of the fire is unknown.

And there is another lightning-caused fire burning at Louis Creek, about 10 km southeast of Wasa. The fire is an estimated .19 ha.

It is also located three km southeast of the Big Lake fire, discovered yesterday, which is now considered ‘being held’ at 11 ha.

A third fire in the Wasa area, on Bill Nye Mountain, discovered July 8, remains out of control but holding at .6 ha.

Two fires, about 23 and 28 km southeast of Cranbrook, Jim Creek (.01 ha) and Teepee Jim (.1 ha) remain out of control. Both fires were discovered July 13 and are lightning-caused.

A lightning-caused fire discovered July 13 at Rocky Ridge (.01 ha), about 10 km southwest of Wardner, is under control.

Another two lightning-caused fires discovered July 13 on the east side of Lake Koocanusa, near the Phillips-Rabbit Creek Forest Service Road, about three km north of Roosville, are both under control at .1 ha and .01 ha.

Five other fires in the region currently still appearing on the BC Wildfire Service Wildfire Dashboard are either being held or under control.

Three large fires continue to burn north of Creston and east of Kootenay Lake.

The lightning-caused Kamma Creek fire, discovered July 10 about 20 km north of Kitchener, is out of control at 140 ha.

The Akokli Creek fire, less than six km from Boswell is out of control at 95 ha. The lightning ignited fire was discovered July 9.

And the Redding Creek fire, about eight km northeast of the Akokli Creek fire, remains out of control at 100 ha. The lightning-caused fire was discovered July 11.

Another fire in the Creston area that will be supplying smoke to eastern skies is the Cultus Creek- Modified Response blaze discovered July 2. Located on the west side of Kootenay Lake, north of the Next Creek Forest Service Road, the fire is an estimated 460 ha.


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